Born Natalie Marie Coyle, Eva Marie inked a deal with WWE in 2013, shortly becoming known as The Flame-Haired Femme Fatal. Her rise to the main ring from NXT was fast, but upon her debut she had fans seeing red, entering with her trademark fire engine hair and skimpy latex outfits. It was a relief to see that the newcomer not only had the sass and bite that reminded us of a young Sable (her first night on Raw she slapped Jerry Lawler), but could hold her own physically in a match, and was hungry to grow, improve, and push the limits.

Now everyone has their own perception of sexy; The nerdy girl, the bombshell, the one that likes sports and going to the gym, the sex-bot, or the girl who can cook. Eva Marie is a little bit of everything. She is the total package, and the hottest woman in WWE history. Yes, I said it. Compared to the other Total Divas, including the Bella Twins whom she has managed professionally, there’s no contest. And alongside the greats like Trish Stratus, Lita, Kelly Kelly, AJ Lee, and Sunny, Eva Marie turns up the heat to a new level.

Here are 15 photos (yes it was impossible to pick only 15) that prove Eva Marie is hands down the foxiest woman in wrestling history.

10Upstages the Eiffel Tower

Bonjour Paris 😍 #effieltower 🗼 #AllRedEverything #WWETour

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Which did you look at first: Eva Marie or the Eiffel Tower? We looked at Eva Marie also. If you check the gaze of the bystanders in the background, they’re looking at her too. There’s no denying that WWE’s redhead bombshell is beautiful, but this picture does a great job at showing, in comparison, just how gorgeous she is. Beside one of the most famous landmarks in the world, charting about 250 million visitors since it was erected in 1889, it’s the second most influencing thing in the frame. The picture was taken in Paris during WWE Live’s WrestleMania Revenge Tour which took place in April 2016. Fellow Superstar Alicia Fox spent the afternoon with Eva Marie touring the landmarks notorious to The City of Lights, snapping a series of lusty photos along the way. That night the Total Divas walked away from the ring with a win over B.A.D & Blonde, but we’re still thinking about the Eiffel Tower shot.

9Au Naturale

You may know of Eva Marie by her signature look on SmackDown— wild red hair, full red lips, long eyelashes, a pair of short trunks, and strappy tops that accentuate her stomach and chest. What you may not know is that without all the makeup and costumes, Eva Marie is a natural beauty. It’s much harder pulling off sexy in everyday clothes, but in this Instagram photo taken late September, Eva keeps cozy while visiting Cincinnati, Ohio with a thick-knit sweater pulled down over one shoulder, channeling a Marilyn Monroe sensuality. No, she’s not half-naked (not even a quarter naked), but the modest shot still gets our blood pumping by the sight of her collar bone and shoulder. It makes us think of what’s under the oversized sweater… Eva Marie also ditches her fiery locks for a more natural black color that highlights her sun kissed skin.

8Supports The Troops

Last holiday season, Eva Marie dropped this creamer of a photo featuring the WWE star in a vintage U.S. Army jumper. The post was an ode to the men and women serving overseas during Christmas, and made us all feel a jolt of patriotism and holiday cheer. But Eva Marie doesn’t just make a social media post and call it a day. She’s been a part of the annual WWE Tribute to the Troops special for many years with Big Show, Alicia Fox, R-Truth and others, traveling to Afghanistan and Southwest Asia to meet with American servicemen and women. Supporting the troops runs close to home for the Superstar, as her father was a marine. It’s sexy that Eva Marie gives back and supports her country. She also said in an interview that if she could pick any job in the military it would be a fighter pilot. Let’s take a minute to imagine that. God bless.

7Style Icon

Before entering the WWE and becoming The Red Queen, Natalie was an actress and fitness model. She also has a B.A. in Business Management and managed a handful of fellow female wrestlers. It’s clear that Eva Marie is driven and passionate, and that is hella fine. In mid 2016 she launched her fashion brand, NEM Fashion, created to empower women to feel and look their best. Men and women can both be happy that we can finally replicate Eva Marie’s sexy look (think bodysuits, dresses, and classic aviator sunnies). Plus a portion of all sales made by NEM Fashion go to the NEM Foundation, a nonprofit also founded by Eva Marie which encourages women all around the world to cultivate entrepreneurship and self-care. While so many female celebrities are in the news for cat fights and nasty insults, it’s hot to see Eva Marie support other women.

6Friends With Benefits

Khaleesi who? #QueensOfDragons 😈 @therealmaryseouellet

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There’s a phenomenon called the Cheerleader Effect where people tend to look more attractive while in groups. It’s also been called the Ugly Friend Effect, normally used when a girl becomes hotter around less attractive friends. In the case of Eva Marie, when she gets with the girls her hotness level (already teetering off the record) goes through the roof. Add bikinis to that equation and you’ve got a recipe for fire. In Fall 2016 Eva posted a photo of her and gal pal Maryse Ouellet while the two were on vacation with their hubbies (Jonathan Coyle and The Miz) in the Bahamas. It’s currently the top liked photo for that location on Instagram, and for good reason. A gang of iguanas crawl around the white sand beach behind Eva and Maryse as they lounge on their backs, smiling (no duck faces). The girls sport the same French braid hair style and brown swim suits. Have you ever wanted to be a lizard so badly in your life? This same Cheerleader Effect takes place on Total Divas, with co-stars the Bella Twins, Natalya, Naomi, and Alicia Fox.

5Morning Wood

“Rise and shine,” she says. No it’s not a dream, it’s just another morning with Eva Marie. Sure, it’s obvious Marie didn’t #WokeUpLikeThis but she pokes fun at the caption adding #HahhaYeaRight. She’s a woman with a sense of humor who also embraces her physical beauty. Double score. After getting glammed up by makeup and hair stylist Jose Martinez, Eva has us seeing all red in her silk kimono, and nothing else. Somehow the look is both sexy and innocent— a combination only epic beauties can pull off. For many WWE Superstars, it’s one or the other, veering on aggressive sex appeal a la China or Juvenile ponytails in the style of Bayley. Eva’s risqué bedroom photo works thanks to her classic beauty, amaaaazing boobs, and attitude of self-love. We should all send our thank you’s to GEA Photography in Los Angeles for snapping this look at the beginning of November.

4Kiss The Chef

Is there anything as sexy as a woman who knows how to work the grill? It’s debatable, but Eva Marie’s cooking skills are a total turn on. We love how she balances vegetables with donuts, and can see that the saying ‘bodies are made in the kitchen’ has never been more true. She eats, and isn’t ashamed of it, which is beyond attractive. Eva Marie shows off her cooking skills frequently on her Instagram, prepping food, slow cooking, or heating up the grill for one of her favorites— ribs. In many of her shots, she’s in the kitchen either with her hubby, dad, or eating breakfast with her puppy on the couch. Plus, she cooks just about everything, from mouthwatering shrimp to mini tacos, apple pie, breakfast hot pockets, pizza dip, and chocolate strawberries. Every step of the process from the chopping to the eating is hot as hell. Seasoning brand Flavor God and nutrition supplement Skinny Bunny Tea have capitalized on her kitchen appeal, and many of Eva’s videos include their products. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, we get all kinds of hungry in the kitchen with Eva Marie.

3Teeny Weeny String Bikini

When Louis Réard invented the bikini, he must have been envisioning Eva Marie (although it was more than 60 years ago). But it’s true, the girl knows how to rock a two piece. We love a woman that loves her body, and Eva Marie isn’t shy about flaunting what she works so hard for. She even has the body to make a one piece look as sexy as a G-string (See: Eva Marie’s Baywatch slow-motion video. It’s worth digging through the feed for). That, my friends, is true uncontrollable sex appeal. The swim clad look is becoming somewhat of a calling card for her Instagram, with many followers flocking to her page thanks to a peak at a swimming photo shoot. In the spectrum of hotness, it’s a simple correlation: tight ass body in a bikini = sexy. But it also calls for a spot on the list.

2Sweat Baby, Sweat

Out of all the Divas in WWE history, Eva Marie may have the hardest, most feminine body to date. Strong arms, ripped abs, and hips too. She takes pride in her strength without losing a full womanly form. Her workouts look intense, judging from the sweaty montages she posts on Instagram and films live for Snap Chat. In this sequence Eva ditches all red for all black, opting for a tight top and leggings. She climbs rope, does kettle bells, cardio, rings, squats, and medicine ball abs. Hair back in a bun, she’s glowing and determined. There’s more than a dozen other workout videos and gym selfies on her Instagram account and each one feels like you just chugged a bottle of pre-workout. She’s strong, fierce, and fit as hell. For being in her 30s, she’s got a better body than younger Superstars like Paige, who’s almost 10 years younger.

1Bad Girl

There’s a lot of WWE fans that absolutely loathe Eva Marie, but that’s because she’s so damn good at being bad. The haters like to boo, say she’s bad in the ring and seem the network made a huge mistake bringing her up from NXT to SmackDown Live, but the best heels in WWE history were the ones we couldn’t stop trying to tear down. When the Flame-Haired Femme Fatal enters the ring the crowd goes ape. In this photo Eva Marie embraces her inner rebel, going for tight, torn up jeans and leather spikes. Regrammed from hair stylist Sienree, the shot brings us back to why we love the bad girl Eva Marie. Her viciousness in the ring is completely unique to the Women’s roster. And as we know from the all stars of wrestling, verbal strength is more than half the battle and being hated is the first step to being loved.


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