Believe it or not, it seems this year Apple will give in and offer fans smartphones with dual SIM. The news comes from credible analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities who has teased iPhone features on several occasions in the past.

Now, the analyst added a note to investors that suggests Tim Cook’s company might be ready to offer consumers dual SIM variants of their fall 2018 smartphones. The 6.1-inch LCD unit will definitely support dual SIM and would hit the market with a starting price of $650.

Given this number, Apple might be willing to lower the price of the single SIM smartphone to $550. Now, that would be something!

There’s a chance the OLED model, the 6.5-inch one, will receive dual SIM support as well, but according to Kuo, not the smallest OLED one.

While users in US aren’t particularly looking for such a feature, the option to put two SIMs on a phone is very attractive in Europe and Asia.

Coupled with a lower price, it could drive iPhone sales to a new record, which is what Apple is looking for this year, especially with competition from Huawei. The latest smartphones from the brand, P20 and P20 Pro, just had record sales, selling units worth $15 million in 10 seconds!


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