We all know how Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Scott Disick took his 19-year old girlfriend Sofia and his kids Mason and Penelope Disick to Cabo, San Lucas for a relaxing getaway. And although all the pics look like the foursome had a good time, it was not the case!

Apparently, Sofia is already over mommy duty, after just a few days away with Scott and his kids! According to sources, “Even though they have the help of nannies on their spring break trip to Mexico, Sofia is quickly realizing how much work it takes to be a parent. She loves Scott’s kids but they are a handful. Sofia may be mature for her age, but she is still really young and is in no way ready to be a mom after this trip they are on in Mexico together.”

The source further added, “She has no desire to replace Kourtney. She loves Scott, who is a lot of fun on his own, but she is having major regrets about agreeing to bring the kids on this trip. Sofia has changed her mind about being a mom anytime soon.”

The news comes after Kourtney and Scott had a huge fight over the vacation as the mother of two did not want want her kiddos going to Cabo with their dad’s girlfriend! Sources suggest, “Kourtney and Scott had a major blowout fight over him taking the kids on a spring break trip to Mexico with his girlfriend Sofia.Kourtney thinks it is entirely inappropriate for Scott to be taking the kids on international trips with his too-young girlfriend.”


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