While April 27 is just a few weeks away, Marvel is elevating the excitement level of all the fans are increasing day by day. The release of the most anticipated movie of the year, the most ambitious crossover in the history of cinema… yeah, yeah, we have all seen the memes. Take it easy!

With movie spoiler leaks on the rise, director brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have asked fans to refrain themselves from giving away any spoilers of the Avengers: Infinity War, as doing so will not only ruin the experience for the audience, but will also be a huge setback for the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So to prevent the spoilers from spilling out and about, Marvel has only screened 30 minutes of the movie, that too for select cast and audiences, and the whole movie has not been shown to ANY of the cast members of this magnum opus.

At the 30 min premiere in London, UK, Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays Doctor Strange) told Good Morning America that, “It was pretty hyped. It was wonderful. It was the same for us. We haven’t seen hadn’t seen the footage until last night, so we came out as fanned up as the fans. It was really, really exciting.”

Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thor’s brother Loki, went on to say that just a small portion of Avengers: Infinity War. He said, “None of us have seen the film and we’ll be seeing it at the same time as you guys see it on April the 27th because there’s so much about the film that’s being kept under wraps, being kept secret. Last night was about 20 minutes and the first time I’ve seen it.”

In another interview, Tom has further revealed, “…the reason they’re not screening the whole film is because there are so many new things that happen in it – things that have never happened before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – that it’s just more exciting if everyone in the world sees the film at the same time… So that feels new for me, having been in the Marvel Universe for awhile.”

While Black Panther is still running in the theatres, T’Challa is sitting on the throne of the third-highest grossing film in North American history, grossing over $665.4 million dollars in the domestic market, making both Disney and Marvel Studios proud of taking the high profiled leap.


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