Through the years, we’ve had the honor of speaking to (and photographing) women, some of whom we’ve named the Sexiest Women Alive. Read on for their life advice, their career stories, and their jokes.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara on Life, Death, and Her Devotion to the Giants: Between film shoots, international flights, and a family crisis, a lovely afternoon with Kate Mara. (That’s Mare-uh. Not Marr-uh.)

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Has No Regrets: The most gifted actor of her generation is a free-spirited, no-nonsense mother of three. And she’s more in demand than ever. (From Esquire UK.)

Emilia Clarke

The Gorgeous Balance of Emilia Clarke: The Game of Thrones star and girl next door is our Sexiest Woman Alive of 2015.

Lake Bell

The Many Talents of Lake Bell: She writes. She directs. She acts. She’s funny. She’s even good at ping-pong.

Emily Ratajkowski

Woman of the Year: Let Emily Ratajkowski teach you how to dance.

Nina Agdal

Getting to Know Nina Agdal: The Danish model talks Rihanna and coming to America.

Kate Upton

A Woman We Love: Hanging out at the rodeo with SI swimsuit model Kate Upton.

Mila Kunis

The Sexiest Woman Alive of 2012: Mila Kunis may have committed a crime or two. But she’s not telling.


Getting to Know Rihanna: The 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive on eating, drinking, praying, and undressing.

Carla Gugino

Playing Every Role: Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend during the first season of Spin City. The mom operative in the Spy Kids trilogy. Silk Spectre in Watchmen. Robert De Niro’s forensic love interest in Righteous Kill. Karen Sisco, U. S. Marshal, star of the TV drama by the same name. And yeah, that too.


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